Rio 2016 Left Flummoxed after Double Resignation

February 20, 2012

Doubts have emerged over Rio 2016 after resignations of it security director, Luiz Fernando Corrêa, and chief commercial officer, Flavio Pestana.

Corrêa has resigned amid accusations of corruption during his time as National Secretary for Public Security in 2007.

Corrêa, was appointed as the Rio Games security chief last May, but is facing legal action amid accusations of overcharging of up to 18 millon real ($10.5 million) for contracts for the purchase of computer equipment during the 2007 Pan-American Games which were signed without going to tender.

A statement from Rio 2016 claimed that Corrêa, 53, was resigning from his post because he did not want the legal dispute to interfere with preparations for the Games.

But he was “confident of a decision in his favour”, they said.

The statement added: “After presenting his defence case, prepared by the Federal Attorney General’s Office, and confident on a favourable ruling, Corrêa aims to seek compensation for image, moral and monetary damages from those directly and indirectly responsible.”

In addition to the security of the competition and non-competition venues, Corrêa was also handling the liaison for the Olympcis and Paralympics with all the Government security agencies.

Corrêa had headed the SENASP – the national public security department – between 2003 and 2007, when he oversaw security for the Pan and Parapan American Games Rio 2007 before being appointed Federal Police General Director, a post he left in January 2011.

The decision of Pestana to resign due to “personal problems” comes only a month after he had been appointed to replace Maggie Sanchez, who had sacked in October after, what was described, “incompatibility of philosophies”.

“Hiring a professional of the highest caliber such as Flavio Pestana…ensures the confidence and reliability we need to conduct such a record-breaking sponsorship programme and develop new revenue generating programmes for staging memorable Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016,” said Carlos Nuzman, the President of Rio 2016, at the time of his appointment.

Leonardo Gryner, the chief executive of Rio 2016, will act as the chief commercial officer in an interim capacity, supported by the commercial department structure, which includes the sponsorship sales director, Rodrigo Frazão; the partner Sservices director, Henrique Leal; and the head of licensing, retail and concessions Sylmara Multini.

by Ismail Uddin