Riis Cycling Secures Partnership with Jan Nygaard AS, BMW & MINI

November 22, 2011

Following last weeks title sponsorship deal with Saxo Bank, Riis Cycling has announced a partnership with Jan Nygaard AS, BMW and MINI dealer,

This new partnership and cooperation means that Team Saxo Bank will be driving BMW automobiles in the coming three years.

Jan Nygaard, CEO of Nygaard AS, said: “Being a sponsor only operating in Denmark, means that we, on top of the obvious,  fantastic commercial potentials, have been very focused on Riis Cycling as a company. The core values of Riis Cycling and their social involvement here in Denmark has actually been equally important for us in our decision making process.

“Bjarne Riis and I meet during the press announcement of the new Fight against Cancer campaign “TRÆD TIL”, where we are both ambassadors. Bjarne also supports Denmark’s youth and supports the work of bringing new talents into Danish cycling. These examples of who Bjarne Riis also is, are rarely mentioned, but are extremely important for us. During a short but also intensive period, we have got to know Bjarne Riis, his company and the staff as extremely passionate, friendly and focused. That all together has convinced us, that the partnership will be able to create mutual advantages.

“We are very proud to be presented as partner today, hopefully contributing positively to the team, who we also see as a national pride – which in the future hopefully will create many exiting hours of entertainment to us all. We feel absolute sure that the BMW cars provided to the team by Jan Nygaard AS will more than exceed the expectations for comfort, quality and safety. Furthermore the environmental superiority of the cars will contribute to the strong profile of Team Saxo Bank.”

Owner of Team Saxo Bank, Bjarne Riis, added: “I am extremely happy with this new partnership. The match between us is obvious, as we share some of the same values. So I have great expectations and look forward to the coming three years with Jan Nygaard AS on board, and I am convinced, we will both benefit a lot from this cooperation.”

“When driving BMW we are guaranteed both the comfort and spaciousness, not to mention the quality standard and reliability that is crucial for us when at races. On top of that the driver’s safety is top notch, and this is of great importance as my employees spend countless hours in the cars throughout the year. Last but not least, it makes me proud that our BMW fleet will make sure we are at the very forefront of driving green and environmentally friendly.”