RightView Pro Partner with USSSA to Offer Video Analysis Solutions

By Community | February 29, 2012

RightView Pro, rx a teaching tool to help improve, ed define and standardize instruction, has partnered with United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) to to bring video analysis solutions to the baseball and softball players.

“We are very proud to align with a pioneering leader in softball and baseball instruction. RightView Pro has set the standard for integrity in instruction over the last decade,” said Don DiDonatis, Commissioner – USSSA.

Originated by former Major Leaguer Don Slaught, RightView Pro was started in 2001 after Slaught had accepted a baseball coaching position at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School. “I wanted to show my players what the best hitters in the world were doing, and I discovered very quickly that I needed a coaching tool,” Slaught said. “I was dealing with 60 kids in a two-hour practice, and I needed a quick easy way to show my players exactly what they were doing vs what the best hitters and pitchers in the game were doing.” Slaught goes onto say, “I quickly learned that it’s much easier to show than it is to explain.”

Consequently, Slaught went to Major League Baseball and the Player’s Association and expressed the need to create a product that would help coaches at all levels communicate and breakdown the swing at a speed that can be understood more effectively, while using Major League Baseball hitting models to compare against. Slaught found that video analysis helped to provide the proof that hitters prepare to swing differently but become virtually the same prior to swinging the bat. Through video analysis it was also revealed that hitters don’t squish bugs, don’t swing down and hitters don’t leave weight on their back foot. After consulting with Major League Baseball, work began on the first software program in conjunction with MLB. Today, the 10-year old company has greatly expanded and offers a full line of instructional and analysis systems for the part-time coach, all the way up to to college, international, and professional teams.

Some notable RVP users include the most recent Major League Baseball World Series Champions, the 2010 San Francisco Giants, 2007 Boston Red Sox, 2005 Chicago White Sox, 2004 Boston Red Sox, 2006 American League Champion Detroit Tigers, and the back to back NCAA Baseball Champions South Carolina Baseball.

by Ismail Uddin