RFU to Consider Changes to Tournament Review Process

January 18, 2012

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) are contemplating changes to their tournament review process following the damage inflicted by the leaked reports into England’s failed World Cup campaign according to RFU director Rob Andrew.

This follows damning excerpts from reviews compiled by the RFU, Premiership Rugby and the Rugby Players’ Association were published in The Times.

“We are looking at whether the process is right,” RFU elite rugby director Andrew said. “The process has been damaged and people’s reputations have been damaged. We have to be careful how we manage the information in confidence. It is a valuable process. We have to regain the trust of the players and make it something they want to take part in.”

The investigation into who leaked the reports is nearing a conclusion.

But RFU acting chief executive Stephen Brown admitted that even when investigators uncover the culprit, he or she may never be named publicly.

“We are all under investigation – anyone who touched the report,” Brown said. “The company we have used to conduct this investigation are close to a conclusion. We don’t know the outcome of that.

“What I would say is, it’s extremely unfortunate that anyone would choose to leak confidential documents and I don’t think it just reflects on the players – three reports were leaked so it reflects on everyone who participated in them.”

The reports contained critical comments about some England coaches and about the culture within squad – two things that are being addressed by the RFU.

A firm of head-hunters has been appointed to help the recruitment process for the new permanent England head coach while Stuart Lancaster, who holds the job on an interim basis, has set about reforming the culture of the squad.

Lancaster has been praised for his contribution to the RFU’s so-called “reputational damage repair plan”, which also includes engaging with sponsors who were concerned by the image of English rugby after 2011.