RFU Appoint Aqueduct as Lead Digital Partner

March 30, 2011

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) has announced the appointment of strategic creative agency Aqueduct on a four-year contract, sale becoming the lead single digital partner developing all aspects of RFU digital marketing and online advertising, as well as its website.

The brief set for Aqueduct by the RFU includes to broaden rugby’s appeal, develop interest in the game at a grass roots level, encourage more people to play the game, and draw in those from a broader social demographic of society.

Following its appointment, Aqueduct will be putting together a digital campaign promoting the RFU in the run up to this years Rugby World Cup taking place during  September and October in New Zealand, whilst at the same time working on producing digital communications that increase interest in rugby across the UK.

Rob Oubridge, Managing Director at Aqueduct said: “These are exciting times for rugby as we have recently seen with the Six Nations. The rugby ‘market’ is in a fertile state – like snooker in the 80’s and golf in the 90’s – so, leveraging this and developing the game in the UK from grass roots up is of the upmost importance.

“While the continued success of the national team is fantastic and of huge importance, creating opportunities for local teams, for women to play the game, and for kids to get increasingly involved is something that we can put all our creative skills into developing.”

Nick Shaw, Head of Digital at RFU said: “We are really delighted to be working with Aqueduct. Throughout the whole pitch process they showed a really passion and understanding for rugby in England and we are looking forward to working closely with them to enhance and broaden our digital offering”.

Aqueduct will work alongside the RFU’s other agencies, in the brand, marketing and media relations area.