Reuters team up with Red Bull Media House

By iSportconnect | March 31, 2016

Reuters, a partner of iSportconnect and the world’s largest international multimedia news provider, announced today that Red Bull Media House will make a collection of its sports and lifestyle content available to all users of Reuters Media Express.

Digital publishers that are not currently Reuters subscribers can enjoy unlimited access to this content, plus up to ten free, ready-to-publish news items per month by registering with Reuters Media Express.

Reuters Media Express is the premier platform that delivers thousands of stories per day to over 3,000 publishers in broadcast, digital, and print. These clients, who depend on Reuters for access to coverage of global sporting and news events, will now be able to choose from a curated selection of the best content from Red Bull Media House.

Red Bull Media House is known for its inspiring and engaging content made to the highest production values.

The multi-platform media company tells stories about captivating people and their groundbreaking ideas in subjects ranging from adventure, action sports, gaming to music and entertainment. 

Robert Schack, Global Head of Sports and Strategic Projects for Reuters, said, “This is an exciting agreement for us because demand for action sports content continues to rise, yet many publishers lack the time or resources to produce or license it themselves.

“We’re delighted to be able to bring our customers the unique coverage in both sports and lifestyle that only Red Bull Media House can produce.”