Renault F1 Won’t be Renamed Until 2013 According to CEO

June 20, 2011

According to Formula One racing’s Renault CEO Dany Bahar, the team intends to keep its black and gold design, adding that its renaming as Lotus will not happen until at least 2013.

Last year Lotus agreed a title sponsorship deal with the team until the end of the 2017 season, with the aim of becoming co-owners with Genii Capital after the French car maker sold its remaining stake in the team to Genii last year.

Bahar said: “We enjoy a very good relationship with our partners Genii, we are very much involved in their business, we are happy with how it’s run and as things are run properly and (are) well managed there is no reason for us to do any move.

“If we decide to go for the long term (ownership) then a renaming would be an issue. But at the moment it’s out of the question and it’s not something we are pursuing. Out of the question until 2013.”

Under the terms of the confidential Concorde Agreement governing the sport, team name changes have to be agreed by all teams, something that is likely be an obstacle until the current version expires at the end of next year.

Regarding the news that the team will also continue with its Black and Gold theme, Bahar added: “I think you need consistency. We like the livery in the black and gold, we use it in many road car limited editions on our side.      

“It’s a nice livery that is perceived well by the people, especially on the road car side, so I see no reason why we should change it.”