Relations with Rio 2016 Not Damaged says LOCOG Chief

By Community | September 28, 2012

Paul Deighton the chief executive of LOCOG has issued a statement suggesting relations between the London 2012’s organising committee and Rio 2016 committee has not been affected following a Rio 2016 employee stealing files.

A Rio 2016 official downloaded files without consent and was subsequently fired. She claimed she was only following orders but this was quickly refuted. 

Deighton said in a letter: “The unauthorised copy of files from the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) did not result in any major security breach or the compromise of any personal data. The case involved only a very small number of people and it was dealt with efficiently and effectively by the senior management at the Rio 2016T Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“This episode in no way reflects the actions or behaviour of the vast majority of the Rio 2016 Team who we have become firm friends with. All documents were quickly returned and there has been no impact on the close relationship we have always enjoyed with Rio 2016 Team, the Mayor and the Governor of Rio, and the Government of Brazil.

“We will continue to share any information our Rio 2016 colleagues and wider stakeholders would like us to in the same way other OCOGs and Governments have generously given their time and expertise to us. We believe Rio will host a great Games in 2016 and are delighted to help in any small way we can. We continue to have workshops, visits, telephone calls and knowledge transfer sessions with all departments and we are looking forward to the IOC Debrief session in Rio in November.”

“But it does not stop there. We are at the disposal of Rio 2016 Team and their partners and want to share our structures, our experiences, our plans and our lessons with our counterparts in Rio. There is much that we can share and we have nothing but respect, friendship and cooperation with the Rio 2016 Team.

“After all we share the belief that the Olympic movement and sport can make a difference to the lives of people, young and old, wherever they might live in the world. It is our belief in this that unifies us in wanting to make each Games better than the last, ensuring the values of the Olympic and Paralympic movement.”