Red Bull to Become World Rally Championship’s New Promoter

August 9, 2012

After a long search Red Bull is set to become the World Rally Championship’s new promoter in 2013 after beating off competition to succeed North One Sport.

The energy drinks company’s motorsport involvement is amongst the largest for a non-automotive manufacturer, notably owning its multiple title-winning F1 squad, the Red Bull Ring circuit in its native Austria and sponsorship of countless race teams and drivers. 

Now it appears to have defeated early favourites Eurosport and an unnamed South Africa bid to succeed North One Sport, whose deal was terminated by the FIA in January. The company was said to have “conspicuously failed to deliver its contractual obligations,” placing it in “fundamental breach of contract.”

Red Bull already enjoy a strong WRC presence as sponsors to French powerhouse Citroën. The French squad’s boss Yves Matton said he was positive about the prospect of Red Bull becoming the series’ new promoter. 

“When they do something, they do it properly and they don’t just want to make a good name with the promotion,” said Matton. “If they choose to invest in the World Rally Championship then it’s because they want to make a proper job, otherwise they would not even attempt to do it.”