Red Bull Racing Partner with Michael Pachleitner Group to Create New Eyewear

By Community | May 10, 2012

Red Bull Racing has agreed a partnership with the Michael Pachleitner Group to create a Red Bull Racing Eyewear collection, treat which will be available in 70 countries from the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix onwards. 

Combining style with Formula One related materials that are high-quality, medstore lightweight and robust, the collection includes branded sunglasses, frames, functional sports glasses, goggles and lenses.

Based in Graz, the Michael Pachleitner Group has been involved with the design, production, sales and international distribution of eyewear, along with the marketing of international licenses, for more than 50 years. 

Dr. Michael Pachleitner, CEO of the Michael Pachleitner Group said: “It was our ambition to develop an international sports and frames collection to fit with the Red Bull brand. It was important for us to consider the attributes that Red Bull stands for in the field of sports, adventure and competition and capture this in the Red Bull Racing Eyewear range.”