Real Madrid Top Deloitte Rich List as Report Underlines Dominance of Premier League

January 22, 2015

Real Madrid have been named the richest football club in the world for the 10th consecutive year by Deloitte.

Topping the Deloitte Football Money League 2015 represents a double triumph for the club after successfully winning their 10th Champions League trophy last season.

The European champions made €549.5 in revenues for the 2014/15 season.

English Premier League club Manchester United are in second place having made €518m in revenues.

The Premier League dominated the top 10 list with five representatives. Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool were the other English sides joining United.

Due to the new Premier League television rights, all 20 Premier League clubs are in the top 40 of the Deloitte rich list.

Speaking to iSportconnect, Dan Jones, Deloitte’s Head of Sports Business Group, said that although the television revenue is the main reason behind the Premier League’s dominance, there are other factors involved too.

“The primary thing is the TV and that’s two reasons, firstly it’s the scale of those deals, which obviously is market leading, but also the relative equality of the distribution. So you can finish 20th in the Premier League and gain very substantial revenue, whereas in other countries there’s a huge disparity between the top and the bottom in terms of what they get from TV rights.

ManUtd_Chelsea2014“But it’s not just TV, these are, particularly at the top end of the Premier League, very attractive commercial properties for sponsors and so on, and then of course you’ve got Premier League grounds being on average 96% full in what are some world leading stadiums so the combination of those things is what puts the Premier League on top, the other leagues did not have as strong a business model.”

Making up the remainder of the top 10 list are Bayern Munich (third), FC Barcelona (fourth), Paris St. Germain (fifth) and Juventus (10th).

According to the report the combined revenue of the top 20 clubs was up by 14% to €6.2 billion. 

Read the full report HERE

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