Real Madrid Partner with Yamaha Thailand

By Community | August 23, 2012

Liga BBVA reigning champions Real Madrid have confirmed a sponsorship deal with Yamaha in Thailand, viagra worth 250 million baht (US$8 million).

The partnership will see the automotive company become an official partner of the side, salve although the rights will be restricted to Thailand.

Praphan Polthanasit, Thai Yamaha Deputy Chairman said: “”It is a challenging move for us. We will also sign a contract with a Real Madrid player to become our brand ambassador.”

Real Madrid Director, Emilio Butragueno added: “I am very proud that Yamaha, which is a leading brand in Thailand, has a good vision.

“We are very pleased that Yamaha has become our sponsor. We will move forward together.”

The three-year deal is the second Thailand-based company to sponsor the Spanish side, after Thai Beverage, producers of Chang Beer.