RCD Mallorca

RCD Mallorca Use Stadium Naming Rights To Promote Tourism Following Coronavirus Pandemic

June 10, 2020

RCD Mallorca becomes the first club to use stadium naming rights to assist in the social and economic recovery of the local community.

The unprecedented circumstance of the preceding few months continues to have profound consequences globally, with many having suffered loss of life or remaining on the frontline of one of the greatest public emergencies in recent history. Given such sentiment, we would like to express our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who have passed away and thank the many whose efforts have contributed to the fight against COVID-19.

RCD Mallorca has refused to remain passive throughout the crisis, persevering in its support of the Mallorca Food Bank with donations and working in collaboration with the ReD Cross campaign promoted in conjunction with Mallorquin Rafa Nadal and basketballer Pau Gasol. While fixtures will remain behind closed doors for the foreseeable future, a solidarity stand has been founded which permits the club and season ticket holders to donate tickets to those who have worked throughout the crisis in whatever occupation in anticipation for when our doors open once again.

However, the club understands it must pursue new initiatives in order to remedy the local community in which it exists. Within this very context, RCD Mallorca believes it is among the many institutes responsible for the economic and social rehabilitation of our island and therefore selflessly cedes its most significant commercial asset: the naming rights of the stadium. Given our home’s prestigious stature both nationally and internationally, the formerly known Estadi Son Moix will be renamed ‘Visit Mallorca Estadi’ until the 30th of June, 2021.

Becoming the first club in football to use its naming rights to assist in the recovery of its region and community, the stadium is a symbol of struggle, effort and innovation in which our social masses subsist. Visit Mallorca Estadi is our latest contribution to the amelioration of normality, image and economy throughout every sector on the island.

During the presentation of the stadium’s name change, CEO of Commercial Operations Alfonso Díaz further underlined the importance of the contributing to the local community: “It’s the best way to tell the world that we’re here. We want the press, fans and general public to talk about Visit Mallorca Estadi. We want to contribute to the difficult situation we’re going through.”

The initiative is among the many institutions and companies across the island are introducing to further the efforts of recuperation in unison. Businesses including OK Group, Roc Hotels, Globalia. Meliá-Palau de Congressos, Borbalán and MolcaWorld are functioning in tandem with institutions Consell de Mallorca, Ajuntament de Palma and la Federación Hotelera de Mallorca to form a concise working group which can individually labour in conjunction with LaLiga. This united front will work together for the succeeding 12 months to promote our region alongside the visibility our common brand of the stadium offers. Mayor of Palma, José Hila, was also in attendance for the presentation and said: “We need tourists to come back, and to do this, we have to promote the island and city. Against FC Barcelona you will see the image of Mallorca all over the world. The club has acted generously with its city, island and sport.”

Visit Mallorca Estadi is more than just a name: we want it to be an example of work and common effort towards the recovery of our island.

RCD Mallorca