Rangers Appeal Against SFA Penalties Begins on Wednesday

By Community | May 11, 2012

Glasgow Rangers appeal against the Scottish Football Association sanctions will be heard on Wednesday.

They were imposed with a £160, medic 000 fine and a 12-month transfer embargo that means thay can only sign youth players after going into administration.

Rangers were found guilty of five charges in relation to their financial affairs and appointment of Craig Whyte as chairman.

But the club felt the punishment was unfair and will have the opportunity to state their case to a panel that will be chaired by Lord Carloway.

Initially the identity of the members was kept secret, but after consulting with the police they have been named.

Making up the rest of the three-man panel of the hearing will be Spartans chairman Craig Graham and former Partick Thistle chairman Allan Cowan.

An SFA statement read: “In light of the subsequent leaking of the identities of the three panel members from the original tribunal, and given the exceptional circumstances of the appeal, it has been agreed that we will identify the members of the appellate tribunal in advance of the hearing.

“This decision has been taken with the approval of the individuals involved and after consultation with the relevant police authorities.

“It is essential that these panel members are allowed to conduct the appeal without fear of intimidation and we respectfully ask all involved in the process to do their utmost to observe our wishes and the wishes of the panel members.”