Quinn: Sunderland’s Falling Attendances a Concern

December 23, 2010

Falling attendances are a concern to, English soccer team, Sunderland’s chairman Niall Quinn who has stated that the revenue lost may impact on manager Steve Bruce’s budget.

Last time out Sunderland beat Bolton 1-0 at the club’s home venue, the Stadium of Light, though only 35,000 fans were in attendance, 14,000 below capacity. The crowd would have been effected significantly by the bitterly cold temperatures but the lunch time kick-off hosted 3,000 fewer than the club’s average attendance sparking a concerned reaction.

Quinn told the Sunderland Echo: “It would be a shame to start downsizing.

“I wouldn’t be doing my job if I recommended that we should be paying big sums for players and the people weren’t supporting the club.”

“I thought if we were in the top half of the Premier League, we would be getting crowds well into the 40,000s, but the reality is we are in the mid-30s,” Quinn continued.

“The plan was always to improve and while we are doing that on the pitch, off the pitch the lifeblood of the club is just starting to get to a worrying area.

“I am not having a go at people who are economically challenged, but I know there are friends of mine who say it’s easier to go to the pub and have a few drinks with their mates and walk home afterwards. But these games are shown illegally.

“I don’t want to alarm people but, for me, there are a few question marks.

“I’m not saying we are perfect, but I always thought I could rely on the support of a massive crowd.”