QNET Pledges Support to Squash 2020 Bid

By Community | December 14, 2012

Global direct selling company, QNET, has pledged its support for the inclusion of Squash as a sport to be competed at the 2020 Summer Olympics, with help from World No 1 player, Nicol David.

The World Squash Federation’s (WSF) campaign to ensure the IOC inclusion of Squash at the 2020 Olympics, has received global support. It rocketed to new heights recently with the pledge by Hong Kong-based QNET.

QNET is one of the world’s fastest-growing online shopping and business communities, with upwards of six million customers and independent distributors around the world.

As part of the global campaign, every spectator at the recent Hong Kong Open Squash tournament was given a ‘Back The 2020 Squash Olympics Bid’ t-shirt sponsored by QNET. The tournament also served as a WSF showcase event for the Olympics Organising Committee judges.

It was spearheaded by World No 1 women’s player, Malaysian Nicol David, who also defended her Hong Kong title, winning the 2012 tournament for the eighth successive time, after beating her French opponent Camille Serme in the women’s final.

Nicol, who has topped the world rankings since 2006, took the time during this competition to reiterate the importance of Squash as a key element of the 2020 Games. Helping to lead the way, as one of the sport’s top supporters for the WSF’s bid for squash to be included in the 2020 Olympics, Nicol said, “I’d gladly give up my 6 world titles for one Olympic Gold.”

The Finals of the HK Open were covered by sports channels globally and attended by members of the Olympic Organising Committee (OOC) to help them determine whether squash will be included as a new sport in the 2020 Olympics.

World Squash Federation Vice President, Heather Deayton said of the showcase event and the WSF’s campaign, backed by QNET, “World Squash was delighted when they learnt that the women’s world number one, Nicol David, had agreed to wear the very attractive QNET World Squash 2020 Back the Bid T-shirt during the event, we couldn’t have picked a better role model.”

“Also having the IOC Programme Commission present, seeing players and spectators wearing the generously donated QNET T-shirts throughout the week provided great continuity,” added Deayton.

The decision on whether this fast paced, dynamic, highly skilled sport will be included in the 2020 Games is yet to be decided, however QNET will continue to back this worthy cause to ensure Squash is presented on the world platform at the Olympics, in one of three Candidate Cities, Istanbul, Tokyo, or Madrid, of which the location will be announced next September.

QNET Director of International Operations, Mr Richard Zinkiewicz, is thrilled QNET has backed the bid, further highlighting his enthusiasm for the sport and the cause.

“Sport and endeavouring to achieve is an integral part of QNET’s ethos. As a company, we are delighted to support this campaign to get Squash included in the 2020 Olympics as we feel it is a worthy and important campaign for a sport that mirrors so many of our own values. We think Squash would be a vital addition to the Olympic repertoire and we’re glad we have been able to lend our support to the effort.”

Other recent activities in the campaign have included a massive worldwide competition on World Squash Day when approximately 40,000 players competed to raise awareness of the bid. In a further attempt to raise the profile of Squash, the WSF also organised a Squash Flash Mob, to dance in the streets of Hong Kong, wearing their 2020 Back the Bid t-shirts.

Along with other WSF stars, Nicol will be competing at the WSA Cayman Islands World Open, from the 14-21st December. There she will continue to highlight the Olympics awareness effort, with QNET’s support.