Exclusive: Rio is ‘perfect’ for the Extreme Sailing Series

By Community | October 12, 2012

The Extreme Sailing Series has a tendency to host their exciting brand of Stadium Sailing in front of spectacular city backdrops, so according to OC Sport Executive Chairman Mark Turner heading to Rio de Janiero for the last leg makes complete sense.

The event will be the culmination of 11 months of global touring for the eight Extreme 40 teams where the final races of the Series will be played out for the 2012 Series championship title.

Speaking exclusively to iSportconnect, Turner said: “For the Extreme Sailing Series it is important that all of our venues deliver a sporting level is as high as it can be, but also that it brings the sport closer to the public, our VIP guests and the media through the Stadium Sailing format.

“Rio de Janeiro is an iconic venue that will lend itself perfectly to that, and in addition, Brazil has a strong appeal to both sponsors and teams seeking to offer a unique B2B experience in a fantastic venue.”

With Brazil scheduled to absorb two mega sport events in the two-year timeframe, Turner believes that there is no more room to doubt, what is now, a vibrant market.

“Rio has a proven record of organising high profile international events and over the next 4 years the world’s eyes will be on Rio de Janeiro as they prepare for the 2016 Olympic Games and before that the 2014 FIFA World Cup,” Turner added.

“Media and commercial interest in the city is rising, and for us and our stakeholders, it is an important market to be in for the next 4 years.”

Although there may be a segment of the sailing community that does not want the sport to be neither mainstream nor exciting, the commercially funded part of sailing requires the sport to be enthralling, which Turner hopes will ultimately increase participation levels.

The former sailor concluded: “Although Brazil has some incredible sailing talent, it is still considered an emerging sailing destination as the sport is relatively unknown there.

“We hope that events like the Series will encourage new sailing talent and will reach new audiences.”

Act 8 of the Extreme Sailing Series takes place the 6th-9th December, when the race sets sails for South America for the very first time. The first day of racing will consist of open water racing in-front of Copacabana beach, before Rio is treated to three days of stadium racing off Flamengo Beach.”