Qatar Sports Investment Buy 70pc Stake in Ligue 1’s PSG

June 2, 2011

American investment firm Colony Capital have confirmed the sale of a 70 per cent stake in Ligue 1 Orange soccer club Paris Saint Germain (PSG) to Qatar Sports Investments (QSI).

Colony will retain 30 per cent of the 95 per cent shareholding it purchased in PSG in 2006, but will concede control over the club’s affairs to QSI.

French daily newspaper Le Monde places the value of the deal between US$43.24m and $57.66m.

Sébastien Bazin, the chief executive of Colony Capital SAS, the group’s European division, said: “We met a lot of people who were interested in Paris Saint-Germain. It was necessary to choose one who was serious, ethical, responsible, credible, and also, one of great discretion. That’s why I speak of these new Qatari investors like a rare pearl. We didn’t have the right to make a mistake. What is certain is that next year’s budget, built together, is a budget which includes a commitment to development and to participating in the [transfer] market this summer.”

Robin Leproux, the president of PSG, added: “This is excellent news for the club. Sébastien has welcomed a prominent, powerful shareholder which is very invested in the development of sport. For the club, it’s an historic moment. I very much look forward to a club which has matured. So much has been invested that we can dream bigger. The whole of the Paris Saint-Germain team is very enthusiastic.”