Qatar Petroleum to Sponsor 2012 Volleyball World Championships

By Community | September 11, 2012

Qatar Petroleum will be the golden sponsor for the the 2012 FIVB Volleyball Men’s and Women’s Club World Championships to be held in Doha from October 13 to October 18.

“We are extremely pleased to have Qatar Petroleum as our partner. This can be called as a strategic partnership as it will be an association for a long term and will involve the entire Qatar Petroleum community. 

“We will use this association to develop the sport of Volleyball in this country. We will be also using QP’s private clubs to develop the sport. Therefore this association will be different from the previous years, unhealthy ” said Khalid Ali al- Mawlawi, therapy President of the Qatar Volleyball Association.

The President was also of the view that the tournament has also set  a benchmark and it will be a challenge for the future hosts nations to meet the expectations.
“We have put up a good show in the past and we will do it this time as well. We have achieved the target that we had set and it is time to move on. We won’t be hosting this event next time but we have set our sight on other major events. You all know that beach volleyball was the third most popular sport at the Olympics and very soon well be making an announcement to host one of its major events here, and ” revealed al-Mawlawi.

QP’s head of media al-Rashid too was pretty pleased with the association saying, “We have been associated with sports in Qatar for a long time. We have always come forward in the development of the community by being a part of various social and cultural events. Sports has also been one of them. And after carefully evaluating we decided to sponsor this major event. It will also give as huge mileage.”