Putin Promises Visa-Free Travel at 2018 World Cup

January 20, 2012

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has outlined plans to permit visa-free travel for all supporters at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

“Russia has decided to let in all the fans for the 2018 World Cup if they have tickets. What’s more, we are even considering the option of letting fans use their tickets to travel between host cities for free”.

Putin also promised that the Russian government is looking to improve travel infrastructure within the country and countered the concerns of those who feel that staging the World Cup across such a vast nation is fraught with logistical problems.

Putin was speaking at the centenary celebrations of the RFU (Russian Football Union) in Saint-Petersburg.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter and UEFA counterpart Michel Platini were also in attendance and Platini offered his take on the possibility of a visa-waiver.

“The problem with entry visas is a political problem. We need an agreement between Ukraine and Poland so that there are no difficulties for the fans”.

Platini also revealed that UEFA is considering a visa-waiver system for this summer’s European Championships in Poland and Ukraine.