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PUMA Joins Beach Soccer World Wide As Official Global Partner

January 29, 2020

PUMA and Beach Soccer World Wide, the major sports entity behind the creation and growth of beach soccer, have signed an agreement through which the leading sports apparel brand joins the world of beach soccer and becomes an Official Global Partner of BSWW.

The agreement between PUMA and Beach Soccer World Wide confirms the shared vision of beach soccer as a unique sport within the football family, capable of reaching audiences and communities no other sport can, in the context of a top-level, action-packed spectacle in whose DNA stunning skills, spectacular moves and flashy goals are ingrained.

Both PUMA and Beach Soccer World Wide share a global vision that transcends the sports sphere itself, also embracing fashion and lifestyle with a fresh, global and modern scope.

As of 2020, PUMA will not only supply the official balls for all BSWW competitions but will also provide uniforms BSWW officials and entertainment crew.

PUMA will also be granted brand visibility and activation rights at all BSWW events, with co-exclusivity on some assets together with the joint partner La Liga, as well as complete access to BSWW ambassadors for campaigns and promotions.

Teamsport’s Head of Sports Marketing, Manolo Schürmann, explained the innovative relationship between both brands. “In PUMA we believe that there should not be any football without PUMA, and no PUMA without football. And this is where beach soccer comes into scene. Beach Soccer is not only a part of football, but a unique sport in itself. And I think it is a great match between PUMA and Beach Soccer. Beach soccer requires a lot of skill and it is a very fast sport, just as we are Forever Faster as a Brand, always looking how to answer our consumer needs, always looking for innovation. This is why I think that this teaming up with Beach Soccer World Wide makes complete sense.”

In a similar vein, Beach Soccer World Wide president, Joan Cusco, highlighted the importance of this agreement. “PUMA and BSWW are a perfect fit for each other as we both share common goals and values. Teaming up with such a prestigious brand makes us really happy, and we are delighted that they have seen the true value of beach soccer and everything the sport can offer. I am sure that both parties will be truly satisfied with the outcome of this agreement, and we really look forward to keeping our bond into the future”.

Furthermore, PUMA is also an official partner of La Liga, and the signing of this agreement reinforces the relationship between the three entities, and the trust in beach soccer as a unique asset within the sports and footballing world.

Beach Soccer Joan Cusco Carbo Puma