PSG Confirm Parc des Princes Revamp

April 25, 2013

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) will begin redevelopment work on the Parc des Princes stadium after the last game of the season at a cost of €75m ($98m).

The stadium currently holds just under 49,000 and the redevelopment would see the capacity rise to 60,000, as the club look to expand on their growing stature following the takeover of the Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) group in 2011.

Major redevelopments, a new stadium on the same site or a move to a new facility have been suggested in the past and now the rejuvenation option has been taken up.

Jean-Claude Blanc, PSG’s managing director told Le Parisien: “It’s about improving the quality of a good number of areas of the stadium with an emphasis on design and aesthetics.

“We’ll play at the Parc throughout the work. We won’t close any of the stands and no games will be played elsewhere.”

Two extra rows of seats are set to bring the fans closer to the pitch, a panoramic viewing area to encourage families to attend and an increase in VIP seats from 2000 to 4500.

Blanc, who worked on the development of Juventus Stadium, also confirmed that the dressing rooms at the Parc des Princes would be increased.

“You have to compare it with the best in Europe,” said Blanc. “Right now, the surface area of the Parc des Princes dressing rooms is about a third of that of Juventus. Teams move about with more and more equipment, there are more backroom staff and they need more space for medical care. We’re going to optimise every existing square metre.”