PSA Appoints BDS as Official Sponsorship Agency for Men’s World Squash Championships

March 20, 2013

The Professional Squash Association (PSA) has appointed BDS Sponsorship as the official sponsorship agency for the PSA Men’s World Squash Championship 2013 that will be held in Manchester from 26 October to 3 November.

A sponsorship strategy has recently been completed along with a business plan for the championship and BDS are now undertaking sponsorship sales for the event.

BDS Sponsorship have extensive experience in sponsorship dating back to the early days of the industry and are now one of the leading sponsorship consultancies in the UK, acting for both rights holders and sponsors.

The PSA Men’s World Squash Championship 2013 will involve the world’s top 112 players – including players from all five continents – and presents an extremely exciting opportunity for world squash to position itself as the world’s “number one sport for getting and staying fit”. 2013 also brings an additional opportunity as squash is in the running to join the Olympic Games programme in 2020.

“The PSA Men’s World Squash Championship 2013 will be a fantastic event for all concerned, with some exciting opportunities from a sponsor’s point of view,” says Chief Executive of BDS Sponsorship Richard Busby. “We look forward to working with the key stakeholders over the coming months.”

Nick Rider, the CEO of England Squash & Racketball, said: “The Event Partners are looking forward to working with BDS Sponsorship to find partners to help us to ensure this year’s World Championship is bigger and better than ever. We’re hoping squash is selected as an Olympic sport for 2020 too – this is set to be a great year.”