Prosecutors want 15 month Jail Sentence for Barry Bonds

December 9, 2011

Federal prosecutors objected to a recommendation by a probation officer that former Major League Baseball outfielder Barry Bonds receives only probation when he is sentenced for obstruction of justice on December 16.

The slugger was convicted for obstructing a grand jury’s doping investigation by providing a vague answer. Bonds lied to the jury by suggesting that he didn’t knowingly take performance-enhancing drugs and that he simply allowed doctors to inject him.

Conviction on the obstruction charges usually lead to 15 to 21 month prison sentence, but Bonds’ lawyers have pointed to a investigative report by probation officers that suggested that Bonds spends an indefinite time under ‘location monitoring’ instead.

Bonds’ defence lawyers have pointed to the former San Francisco Giants’ star’s “significant history of charitable, civic and prior good works” as the main reason for leniency. The lawyers have also claimed that the convictions would be an ‘aberration when taken in context of his entire life,”.

Other sporting figures such as cyclist Tammy Thomas and former professional football player Dana Strubblefield have been convicted of similar charges, but have avoided prison.