Proposed New Scottish Football League Finances to be Independently Assessed

April 3, 2013

The Scottish Football Association (SFA) will carry out an independent assessment of the proposed new merged league structure. The move is a reaction to reservations that some lower division clubs have with the plans.

At last week’s meeting of Scottish Football League (SFL) clubs, 14 of the 29 clubs present said they were unwilling to improve the new plans in time to be implemented for the 2013/14 season. The SFA have indicated their support for an overhaul in the league’s structure for Scottish football to progress.

A statement from the SFA said: “The Scottish FA’s position on league reconstruction is clear: Scottish football requires urgent, radical change in its league structures as a first, essential step to rejuvenating the national game.

“To that end, in order to provide greater comfort to both sides, we have agreed to undertake a period of due diligence on behalf of both the SPL and SFL to provide independent verification of projected distributable revenue of any single league body.”