Proctor & Gamble Most Effective London 2012 Sponsor says New Report

By Community | November 5, 2012

Proctor & Gamble was London 2012’s most effective sponsor according to a poll by sponsorship industry professionals undertaken by Sponsorship Today and Think!Sponsorship.

Nearly 40% of respondents to the online poll named P&G as the most successful Olympic Top (Global) Partner compared to nearest rival Coca-Cola on 17%. Among national LOCOG (London Organising Committee) sponsors, Adidas scored highest with 32.5% followed by BMW and LloydsTSB, both on 23.5%.

When asked to judge all sponsors’ (both TOP and LOCOG partners) activation campaigns, Protor & Gamble’s ‘Mums’ came out top with 30%, followed by British Airways (‘Stay at home’), which was cited by 10%.

The poll considered Nike to be the most successful ambush marketer of the Games with 29% recalling its “Find Your Greatness” campaign, significantly beating Paddy Power (9%) and Virgin and Dr Dre, both on 3%.

Controversial results from the survey included the fact that 50.7% of respondents felt that the Games should have an alcohol partner (at present this is restricted to Tier three local sponsorships) and 40.6% said that there should be no fast food sponsor – a significant number given that the respondents represent the sponsorship industry.

The was a narrow vote in favour of the Games permitting stadium branding (50.7% for as opposed to 46% against). This is a highly controversial issue given that the International Olympic Committee has stated that one of the things that makes the Games special is that there is no perimeter advertising. Indeed Coca-Cola has been reported to have said that it would consider ending its Olympic partnership if such commercial messages were permitted.

Overall respondents felt that the Games represented good value for sponsors but warned that the UK sponsorship industry would now see a reduction in rights acquisition spend as the big sponsors of London 2012 cut back on their sports investments.