Procter & Gamble Partner with Chinese Olympic Committee

By Community | March 1, 2012

Procter & Gamble (P&G), check a Worldwide Partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), buy has agreed a partnership with the Chinese Olympic Committee (COC) along with launching its “Thank You Mom” campaign in China

Expressing “thanks to [their] moms” at yesterday’s press conference, viagra held in the iconic Water Cube in Beijing, were Olympic gold medal-winners Lin Dan, Chen Yibing, Wu Minxia and He Wenna, who will be supported by P&G throughout the partnership with the COC.

Speaking at the launch of the “Thank You Mom” campaign, Marc Pritchard, P&G Global Marketing and Brand Building Officer, said: “We believe that behind every athlete there is an even more amazing mom. Through our “Thank You Mom” programme, we will support not just the moms of Olympic athletes – but every mom who does whatever it takes to make her child’s life the best it can be.”

The largest marketing programme in P&G’s history and the first milestone in the company’s 10-year partnership with the IOC, the “Thank You Mom” campaign celebrates the unsung hero behind every athlete. P&G joined The Olympic Partners (TOP) Programme in 2010 and has an agreement through to 2020.