Prince William to make final England presentation to FIFA

November 12, 2010

Prince William, second in British monarchy’s line of succession, is to join the England 2018 World Cup bid delegation for the final presentation to FIFA on December 2, According to UK newspaper The Telegraph.

Prince William, the President of the FA, and UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron will be joined by David Beckham, and are likely to be up against Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin and the Dutch and Belgian prime ministers.

Also present in Zurich will be former American President Bill Clinton, the Emir of Qatar, and South Korean President Lee Myun Bak.

In total the provisional list of dignitaries contains one president, one former president, four prime ministers, two deputy prime minister, one prince and an Emir, as well as sundry sport ministers representing 11 countries.

England, Spain-Portugal, Russia and Holland-Belgium are contesting the 2018 race, with USA, Australia, Qatar, Japan and South Korea competing for 2022.

The list in full reads:

Russia: Igor Shuvalov, Deputy Prime Minister.
England: Prince William of Wales, David Cameron, Prime Minister
Australia: Julia Gillard, Prime Minister; Mark Arib, Minister for Sport, Minister for Indigenous Peoples
USA: Bill Clinton, in his function as Hon. Chairman of the Bid Committee; Government official to be determined
Holland: Mark Rutte: Prime Minister of the Netherlands; Edith Schippers, Minister of Sports
Belgium: Ives Leterme, Prime Minister of Belgium, Didier Reeynders, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance
Portugal: Laurentino Jose Monteiro Castro Dias, Secretary of State for Sports
Spain: Jaime Lissavetzky Diez, Secretary of State for Sports
Qatar: Sheik Hamad bin Kahlifa Al-Thani, The Emir of the State of Qatar and members of the Royal family
Korea: Lee Myun Bak, President of the Republic of Korea (TBC)
Japan: Yukio Hatoyama, Former Prime Minister; Hiroshi Suzuki, Minister in Charge of Sports