Premier League Transfer Spending Soars

By Community | September 3, 2012

Premier League clubs in England have nearly splashed out £500 million ($794m) on players in the summer transfer window.

Figures from accountancy firm Deloitte’s Sports Business Group (SBG) revealed that a total of £490 million ($778m) was spent over the course of the window, just £10 million less than the previous record of £500m ($794m).

More than £100 million ($158m) of this came in the final 24 hours as clubs raced to complete deadline deals, with the ultimate bill standing just £10 million ($15.88m) short of the 2008 record.

Commenting on the near record-breaking spending, SBG partner Dan Jones said that it has to be considered in context with the recently-announced 70 per cent increase in broadcasting revenues.

“Once overseas broadcast deals are factored in, the average Premier League club looks set to benefit from at least an additional £25 million of revenue per year from next season,” he said.

“While the total spending this summer is still high, it should be considered in the context of increases of over 70% in the Premier League domestic broadcast deals announced earlier this year,” Sky News quoted Alan Switzer, director of Deloitte’s Sports Business Group saying.

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