Premier League Total Shirt Sponsorship Up 25-per-cent

By Community | July 22, 2012

Coming into next season, try English Premier League total shirt sponsorship has increased by 25 per cent to £147million ($230m), according to This is Money.

The £30million ($47m) increase in sponsorship revenues reconfirms the strength of the Premier League as a product, allowing clubs to benefit despite uncertain economic conditions.

The biggest financial leaps this season have come from clubs in the north-east, with Sunderland and Newcastle both successfully negotiating lucrative new deals.

Sunderland recently signed a staggering £20million ($31.2m)-a-year agreement with Invest in Africa, a deal as lucrative as the highest enjoyed by Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool. The deal means an extra £19million ($29.6m) a year for the club.

Newcastle have seen an increase of £7.5million ($11.7m) a year after thrashing out a £10million ($15.6m) a year deal with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Money after Virgin bought the previous sponsor, Northern Rock.

West Bromwich, Stoke, Norwich and QPR have improved their deals this season, and the overall total is boosted as the three newcomers to the Premier League — West Ham, Reading and Southampton — will earn a little more combined for their shirt deals (£3.2million/$5m) than the three relegated clubs, Bolton, Wolves and Blackburn (£1.85million/$2.88m together) last season.