Portuguese Premier League Expansion Plans Denied by Federation

March 19, 2012

Portugal’s football federation has rejected a proposal to expand the country’s Premier League by two teams to 18 as it would undermines the sport’s integrity.

“The FPF says no to the proposal by the Professional Football League that wanted, in practice, no club relegations this season,” , FPF boss Fernando Gomes wrote in a statement.

Last week the Portuguese League for Professional Football (LPFP) had approved the entry of two additional teams to widen the Portuguese Premier League to 18 clubs.

However, the FPF said the proposal violated the credibility of Portuguese football and compromised the basic principles of open competition.

League boss Mario Figueiredo had told Reuters in an interview that it made sense to expand the top league in order to get extra revenue and capitalise on its potential.

by Ismail Uddin