Plea for Women’s Soccer Schedule Switch to Summer

December 20, 2010

A plea has been made by England Women’s soccer team coach, Hope Powell and head of the national game for the Football Association (FA), Kelly Simmons, to move the whole of women’s soccer schedule to the summer period.

The call comes just four months before the start of the newly revamped Super League’s inaugural season.

Powell said: ‘When I was a player I always felt we should be playing in the summer. Moving the entire game to summer couldn’t realistically be done from day one, but hopefully we can work towards that and it would be great if it happens.’

Simmons added: ‘We want to grow the women’s game and I believe that taking it into the summer would attract more players and spectators. The WSL will be a closed league for two years but if the Premier League then becomes the feeder it would be a better fit if that league and the pyramid below it were played in the summer.’