Platini reacts to European Soccer League as impossible

August 1, 2011

Michel Platini has spoken back after the threat of a breakaway European Soccer League. ‘What they suggest is impossible’, ‘if they go ahead with it they will be thrown out’.

The possibility of a breakaway European Super League emerged again last week from members of AC Milan and Bayern Munich  and also by the European Club Association (ECA) after they voiced their anger at match scheduling and revenue sharing.

The ECA wants the issues addressed before its current deal with FIFA and UEFA expires in 2014. After this date clubs will no longer be legally bound to compete in the Champions League or release their players to compete in internationals.

Last week, AC Milan’s Umberto Gandini, an ECA Board member, was quoted as saying that players may have to choose between club and country in future.

“We are the ones who invest the money, we are the ones who develop the players, we are the ones who give the players a reason to play,” Gandini, a director of Serie A champion AC Milan, told Bloomberg.

“Without the clubs, what do you think they are going to do?”