Platini Pushing To Change The European Calendar For 2022 Winter World Cup

September 18, 2012

Domestic football in Europe could cease for an entire month in December to make way for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup to be staged in winter.

UEFA President believes that the only solution would be to change the European calendar, meaning that the usual football season would finish in June.

He said: “I hope it will take place in winter and I’m still pushing for that.

“It would be far better for the fans.”

January had seemed as the most appropriate time of the year to hold the prestigious tournament, since the sizzling heat in Qatar would make for unbearable playing conditions.

“It couldn’t be January because that would clash with the Winter Olympics so that means November-December,” Platini said.

“Obviously we’d have to stop playing in Europe at that time and extending the season into June.

“For me that wouldn’t be a problem.”