Platini Almost a Certainty for UEFA President Reinstatement

December 22, 2010

It is expected that UEFA President, and former France international soccer player, Michel Platini will be re-elected in his post on 23 December. The decision looks to be a foregone conclusion as no challengers have gone up against the current president or look set to do so by midnight on 22 December.

Platini has held the position at UEFA since January 2007 and earlier this year revealed that he would put himself forward to continue his role for a further three years.

In an eventful and sometimes controversial tenure, Platini’s main achievement has been to deliver on his promise to “take the game back to the fans in the smaller countries”. That pledge remains a vote-winner among the majority of the 53 member associations.

In comparison with the 2007‑08 season when Platini took over the presidential position, teams from Israel, Denmark, Switzerland, Slovakia and Serbia have taken part in the Champions League group stage. Russia and France have also had their participation increased by a single club with teams from Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Scottish and Czech leagues all sacrificed.

Last Friday, after the executive committee meeting in Prague, Uefa announced a €300,000-a-year (US$394,313) boost to all member associations’ conditional funding, largesse that would probably not be overlooked if Platini’s candidacy was contested. The big clubs are less pleased about the Champions League reforms introduced by Platini than the “smaller countries” and if reinstated, he may face a tougher 3 years ahead..