PL.2012 President Outlines Innovative Fan & Tourist Services

December 8, 2011

Marcin Herra, abortion President of the board of PL.2012 has outlined the innovative fan and tourist services that will be in place in Poland for the country’s co-hosting of the European Championships next summer.

Writing in his exclusive iSportconnect column , unhealthy Herra stated: “For the first time in the European Football Championship, tourists and fans will be furnished with a free-of-charge tool providing comprehensive information on the host country, available not only via the Internet, but also via mobile and smart phones.

“Moreover, visitors in Poland during Euro 2012 will also be provided with a solution so far unheard of – a single-document combining a public transport pass between the Host Cities, a plane ticket for domestic and international flights, health insurance, and a hotel booking confirmation.“

The Polish Guide is available as a technologically advanced e-guide to Poland. In 2012, a personalised e-calendar will also be launched. The guide provides information regarding on a wide range of issues including fan zones, stadiums, and public transport.

The Polish Pass is a product that is designed to make planning trips to Poland 2012 simple, hassle-free and adaptable to individual needs.