Philadelphia 76ers venture into esports

By iSportconnect | September 26, 2016

NBA basketball franchise Philadelphia 76ers have acquired two esports teams, erectile Apex and Dignitas and will merge them both together under the Dignitas name.

Team Dignitas will compete in games such as League of Legends, prostate  Counter Strike: Global Offensive, viagra Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm while the 76ers will be responsible for operations such as player recruitment, marketing and sales.

Team Dignitas was founded in 2004 and and is registered in the United Kingdom.

“The attractiveness of this deal is as much about the people as it is the opportunity,” Philadelphia 76ers CEO Scott O’Neil said.

Bringing together gaming industry luminaries including Greg Richardson, Michael O’Dell and David and Michael Slan puts us on track to build the most respected and dominant franchise in the esports space, spur fan engagement, and reimagine corporate sponsorship to create a vibrant, global e-arena where the greatest players in the world aspire to compete.

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