PFA Chief Delivers Six-point Action Plan to Tackle Racism in Foorball

By Community | October 24, 2012

Gordon Taylor, Professional Footballers Association (PFA) chief has announced a six-point action plan to deal with racism in the game.

Recent criticisms have been raised after the incidents involving former England captain John Terry and the PFA chief executive insists the union is seeking tougher penalties for racist abuse.

Proposals include making racism a potentially a sackable offence, culprits ordered to attend awareness programmes and a form of the ‘Rooney rule’ to boost the number of black coaches and managers.

The list reads:

1 – Speeding up the process of dealing with reported racist abuse with close monitoring of any incidents.

2 – Consideration of stiffer penalties for racist abuse and to include an equality awareness programme for culprits and clubs involved.

3 – An English form of the ‘Rooney rule’ – introduced by the NFL in America in 2003 – to make sure qualified black coaches are on interview lists for job vacancies.

4 – The proportion of black coaches and managers to be monitored and any inequality or progress highlighted.

5 – Racial abuse to be considered gross misconduct in player and coach contracts (and therefore potentially a sackable offence).

6 – To not lose sight of other equality issues such as gender, sexual orientation, disability, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and Asians in football.