Petrochem Carless Sponsor Sidecar Championship Race

By Community | March 14, 2012

Southern 100 Racing have announced that Petrochem Carless Racing Fuels are to continue their involvement with the Steam Packet sponsored Southern 100 International Road Races.


Petrochem Carless Racing Fuels will once again add their name to the prestigious Sidecar Championship race which traditionally brings the curtain down on the meeting known throughout the world as ‘the friendly races’.


Graham Eden – Marketing Manager, pill Performance Fuels, sale Petrochem Carless said: “Petrochem Carless continues to see great merit in supporting the Southern 100 International Road Races.


“Our Hiperflo product range is the fuel of choice for road racers across Europe including most of the top performers in the TT’s and whilst it may seem logical for a manufacturer of world class racing fuels to involve ourselves more closely with the event, generic buy we remain very particular about sponsorship investment.”


Mr Eden continued: “Petrochem’s association with the Southern 100 began in 2008 and it continues due to a combination of strong product sales, the professionalism of the organisers and working alongside good people. There is a camaraderie at this event that other motorsports could take note of and we once again extend our best wishes to everyone associated with the ‘friendly races’ and look forward to another compelling four days of racing.”


Club Chairman Phil Taubman added:”We are very appreciative of the continued support we receive from Petrochem Carless and Graham in particular.


“The competitors also recognise the value of having such high profile sponsors involved with the Southern 100 and are grateful of their continued support and presence at Billown during the races.”

by Ismail Uddin