Peterborough United Home Renamed ABAX Stadium

November 27, 2014

Peterborough United will rename their home stadium to ABAX Stadium after a new partnership was agreed with Norwegian-owned company ABAX. 

ABAX will become Peterborough United’s stadium naming rights partner as part of an initial five-year agreement.

It replaces the club’s long-serving stadium name of London Road, viagra  the first change of stadium name since the club formed in 1934.

The first match at the ABAX Stadium will be Friday’s game against Bristol City.

Peterborough United Chairman Darragh MacAnthony said: “We see this opportunity as a great deal for this club, herbal ABAX, ailment the city and our supporters. ABAX has firmly put down its roots in Peterborough and now we all want to see the company grow. 

“This long term collaboration is aimed at establishing sustainability for all concerned with a successful future being the ultimate goal.” 

ABAX UK Owner and Director Frank Ystenes said: “ABAX is a young company, hungry to succeed and develop in the UK and around the world. 

“Ever since we first decided we wanted to partner with Peterborough United we have been impressed by the way the club is run, both on and off the pitch. 

“ABAX is well established in the Nordic region and our partnership with Peterborough United presents a great opportunity to increase our presence in the UK. We feel privileged the club has allowed the ground to be named ABAX Stadium. 

“We look forward to seeing the ABAX Stadium full of Peterborough United’s proud and passionate supporters in the years to come.”