Pelé Signs as Brand Ambassador for Volkswagen

May 13, 2013

Brazilian football legend Pelé has signed an agreement with automotive giant Volkswagen to become their Brand Ambassador.

Pelé will represent the company throughout the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and in the build-up to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The first element of a campaign celebrating 60 years of Volkswagen in Brazil will feature Pelé leading a group of famous Brazilian football icons including Rivellino, Raí, Lucas Moura and Neymar.

Pelé  said: “As a Brazilian, I am proud to be an Ambassador for a brand like Volkswagen.  In the past 60 years, the company has delivered many innovations, and provided support for millions of Brazilian families.

“My own ‘business objective’ has always been to score and, with Volkswagen, I am playing on a winning team.”

A commercial titled ‘Inova Neymar’ will reflect on the innovations and parallels between Volkswagen and Brazilian football, from Pelé representing the era in which the small, economical VW Beetle was launched, through to Neymar representing current models and the future of Volkswagen.

Thomas Schmall, Chairman of Volkswagen do Brasil  added: “In a successful company, you must have a clear business vision or, as they say in football, ‘a precise and powerful kick’ and an ability to ‘dribble past your competition.

“We are amazingly fortunate to have a winning team of engaged employees and appealing products: a cast of great stars that, like Pelé, has made and continues to make history in the world of football.”

The deal was negotiated by Legends 10, exclusive global agent to Pelé, in conjunction with MediaCom Sport, whose Global Head, Marcus John said: “Simply put, no-one could represent 60 years of VW in Brazil better than Pelé, the greatest athlete of the century.

“By connecting Pelé to the world’s leading automotive company, we have brought together two global iconic brands.”