Peak Named Official Shoes of Five Continents Basketball Championship

August 7, 2013

Sports brand Peak, who is also a strategic partner of FIBA, has announced it will sponsor the official shoes for the Five Continents Basketball Championship and supply the official clothing for the Asia championship.

The five continents in questions are the Asia, Eurasia, America, Africa and Oceania.

Peak sponsored the two West Asian teams Iran and Qatar at the 27th Men’s Basketball championship in Manila, Philippines.

In addition, for the following FIBA EuroBasket, Americas Championship, African Championship and Oceania Championship, PEAK is the sponsor of nearly 10 national teams, such as Germany, Montenegro and Australia.

Also the brand-new judge shoes, designed especially for FIBA’s international referees by Peak, will make their first appearance at the inter-continental championship. Also, several FIBA officially-authorized sports products will also appear at the Five Continents Basketball Championship.

“PEAK will devote itself to providing the best basketball products and user experience for FIBA events,” said Jim Xu, CEO of PEAK. He believes that further cooperation with FIBA will promote the influence of PEAK globally, especially in the field of basketball.