Paralympic Gold Swimmer Victoria Arlen Signed as Q’Straint Ambassador

May 30, 2013

Victoria Arlen, pills the US Paralympic gold medallist, health has agreed a deal with wheelchair passenger transport firm Q’Straint, viagra 60mg to become their brand ambassador.

Arlen won the 100m freestyle at London 2012 and holds the world record for 100m and 400m.

She will now appear in Q’Straint’s adverts as a part of her ambassador role and she said she was ‘excited’ to be part of a company that provided ‘the highest level of reassurance’ for those in wheelchairs and their families.

Dan Bruck, Q’Straint Marketing Manager added: “Victoria is an amazing young lady who has overcome incredible odds during her life to become a very successful para-athlete.

“We are honoured to have someone with her dedication, poise and determination as our brand advocate.”