Paralympic Games Agitos Symbol Unveiled at Eurotunnel Folkestone Control Tower

By Community | August 28, 2012

With London 2012 Paralympic Games on the starting blocks, ambulance a building wrap around the Eurotunnel Folkestone Control Tower showing the Paralympic Games Agitos symbol and 21 Paralympic sport pictograms has been unveiled.

The wrap, diagnosis which is approximately 6.2m x 41m, diagnosis has been unveiled to excite and inspire people about the Paralympic Games which start on the 29 August. 4,200 athletes from 165 countries across the world are set to take part in 11 days of spectacular sport.

Seb Coe, LOCOG Chair said: “The Paralympic Agitos is an inspiring symbol, uniting athletes and people around the world. To athletes they represent the culmination of thousands of hours of training and reaching the highest level in sport.”

Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Exec of Eurotunnel: “Eurotunnel is delighted to host the fantastic display of the Paralympic Agitos logo at its terminal in Folkestone. We are looking forward to the2012 Paralympic Games being another great sporting event this summer.”

Giant sets of Paralympic Agitos are being installed at iconic sites across the United Kingdom to excite and inspire people ahead of the Games and to demonstrate that London is ready to welcome the world once again.