Paciolan Announces New Partnership with IMG Tickets for Sports Events

By Community | October 10, 2012

Paciolan, a leading provider of ticketing and marketing solutions for more than 500 live entertainment organizations, today announced its new partnership with IMG Tickets, a ticketing services provider to some of the world’s most successful sports and entertainment events. 

IMG Tickets will be leveraging Paciolan’s industry-leading Access Management and Access scanning system, its digital ticketing/print-at-home solutions, and popular eVenue online ticketing system.

IMG Tickets distributes more than 500,000 tickets every year through its marquee events, including the Sony Open, Bank of the West Classic, BB&T Open, New Haven Open, Deutsche Bank Championship, Travelers Championship, Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival, Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival and Festival of the Arts.

“Paciolan provides the best of breed ticketing and marketing solutions for our growing regional ticketing business, which will allow us to provide even greater world class services to our customer venues to support their various events,” said Bill Pierce, vice president of ticketing for IMG Tickets. “Paciolan provides the customer support and flexibility we need to support our many different types of venues, each with unique requirements.”

Paciolan’s eVenue online ticketing system will provide completely branded and hosted sites for each of IMG Tickets’ venues to efficiently sell tickets in real-time, while managing their individual brand and enhancing the customer experience. They’ll also be able to customize the look and feel of their online ticketing pages for the ticket selling process and seamlessly cross-sell and up-sell other events and services to increase online sales. eVenue also integrates Facebook sharing into the ticketing pages for enhanced customer engagement and venue promotional opportunities.

“It’s very important that each of our venues’ ticketing sites have their own distinguished look and feel to attract customers and brand their specific businesses,” added Pierce. “With Paciolan’s eVenue, we get this functionality and other benefits that we believe will help us increase customer interest and overall ticket sales.”

Leveraging Paciolan’s Access Management scanning will enable IMG Tickets to efficiently scan tickets at all events, and its Access Scanning kits accommodates the ticketing needs of IMG’s more remote/mobile events. For major tournaments and events, delivering digital ticketing and customer print-at-home capabilities eliminates the cost and distribution of tickets and makes it convenient for fans to instantly receive tickets via e-mail.

“We’ve received strong interest in ticket scanning from our customers and are very excited to be able to provide this important service to them through our Paciolan partnership,” continued Pierce. “Also, some of our remotely operated venues have special requirements, and Paciolan’s Access Scanning will help support these needs and ensure a more efficient ticket entry process.”

Additionally, IMG Tickets will be using Paciolan’s venue enablement ticketing services, which will allow its regional ticketing venues and organizations to better control their brand, manage the customer experiences, and build lifelong customer relationships, all while maximizing revenue streams.

Several IMG owned events, including the Sony Open Tennis tournament in Miami and the Bank of the West Classic in Palo Alto, will also be implementing Paciolan’s PACMail e-mail marketing system. PACMail provides instant communication regarding ticket pre-sales, promotions and upcoming events.

“We’re honored to be partnering with such a major regional ticketing provider as IMG Tickets, which supports many major, marquee events throughout the world,” said Dave Butler, chief executive officer of Paciolan. “Leveraging our eVenue solution and Access Management scanning system, we hope to help them grow their regional ticketing and achieve continued success.”