Outback Bowl Signs New Ticketing Technology Deal with Forward Market Media

November 20, 2012

Forward Market Media (FMM), together with the 2013 Outback Bowl, today announced that fans can access tickets through their new reservation system.

Through this partnership, the Outback Bowl will utilize FMM’s innovative software platform to give fans the ability to reserve the right to purchase tickets at face-value if their beloved team secures a slot in the game scheduled for New Year’s Day, 2013, in Tampa, Florida.

The Outback Bowl’s new “TeamTix” ticket reservation system provides the ultimate fan experience as teams compete throughout the season, and brings affordable access to those fans who most want to see their teams in action. This year’s forward market platform features refined navigation tools, an improved, user-friendly interface and enhanced social media connectivity.

Here is how it works: Football fans from across the nation can go to the official Outback Bowl site to purchase a “TeamTix” reservation for the game for as little as $10. If their team receives a berth in the Bowl, that fan purchases a ticket to the game at face value. If the fan’s team is not selected for the Bowl, the reservation expires. Fans can also resell or trade their ticket reservation in the Outback Bowl’s hosted market exchange, where reservation prices rise and fall based on each team’s on-field performance and demand for tickets. In addition, special team-specific Twitter hashtags will enable fans to closely follow their team’s forward marketplace to buy, sell and trade in real time.

“College football fans are among the most dedicated in the world, and we are very pleased to bring a new level of ticket access to those passionate fans of SEC and Big Ten teams vying for contention at the Outback Bowl,” notes Jim McVay, CEO of the Outback Bowl. “Forward Market Media has provided an innovative solution to the challenge of ensuring that fans of the teams playing get into the seats they covet on New Year’s Day, and we’re pleased to make this partnership part of our offering.”

“We are delighted to be teaming up with the Outback Bowl, a game with a long tradition of bringing football fans and their families to Tampa to ring in the New Year,” said Scott McKibben, CEO of Forward Market Media. “As fellow fans of the sport, we are pleased to help our partners deliver on the promise of a great fan experience through better ticketing options.”