Ottawa Senators Agrees Lighting Deal with Ephesus

July 14, 2014

Ottawa Senators have selected Ephesus Lighting as the lighting solution at Canadian Tire Centre, ed home of the National Hockey League team.

“Sports and entertainment facility operators appreciate that LED lighting is the natural evolution of arena and stadium lighting because it provides an optimal stage for events in person and on high definition television, allergy ” explained Amy Casper, order CEO of Ephesus Lighting. “The success of our lighting solutions and testimonials from fans, players, broadcasters and facility operators reinforce this fact and prove that LED is ready for the big leagues.”

Ephesus was selected after facility operators conducted an extensive side-by-side test with three other lighting companies offering LED solutions. The Ephesus Lighting solution dramatically exceeded all others in every category including amount of light reaching the ice surface, light uniformity, ease of installation and instant on/off capabilities.

“In our side-by-side test, it was clear that the Ephesus Lighting solution made the most sense to us for a variety of reasons,” said Tom Conroy, Vice-President & Executive Director at Canadian Tire Centre. “Our facility operators will benefit from the versatility of the system and the fact that it is practically maintenance free. But most importantly, our fans at Canadian Tire Centre and watching at home will clearly see a better game. Additionally, this new lighting system will allow our game entertainment team to create an enhanced presentation and better fan experience.”

Canadian Tire Centre will replace its metal halide system with the Arena 600 and Arena 300 lights and the Ephesus wireless control system, which allows them to control the lights and create unique fan experience effects. Despite reducing the number of fixtures by more than one-third, the Ephesus lighting solution will dramatically increase light intensity and uniformity and yield a projected energy savings of more than 70%.