Orbea to Title Sponsor Orca Triathlon Team

By Community | January 16, 2013

Spain’s leading bike company Orbea has confirmed its partnership with Orca to form the Orbea-Orca Triathlon Team.

The Orbea-Orca Triathlon Team project works not only at a pro level but also by launching a global talented athletes program. This will mean brand involvement with the best young talented athletes in both long and short distance.

Heralding from New Zealand, apoplectic  Orca is part of the Orbea family – with Orbea and Orca reaching an agreement in 2011 for Spanish Orbea to acquire Orca’s ‘operation rights in the triathlon and compression area.’

“With Orca we guarantee to deliver the best products for triathlon, symptoms not just in the bike leg, where we were already the fastest, but in the swim and run,” stated Ander Olariaga Marketing Manager at Orbea.

“This Orbea-Orca Triathlon Team is a long term project that should result in us being not only on the first row of the pros but also closely involved in supporting talented local athletes to be globally successful athletes,” added Raúl Casañas, Marketing Manager for Orca and in charge of the triathlon team project.

Casañas continued, “We want to work in both pro and talented levels to ensure that athletes grow with us.”

Orbea is part of the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation and is Spain’s largest bicycle operator.