Optus to Appeal Broadcast Ban

By Community | May 10, 2012

Australian telecommunications company Optus will appeal a Federal Court ruling that forbids its short-delay broadcasts of sports matches on mobile devices.

Optus has released a statement saying it will appeal to the High Court to overturn the recent Federal Court ruling that prohibits Optus TV Now subscribers from watching recorded free-to-air programmes on mobile devices.

The National Rugby League and Australian Football League took Optus to Federal Court in February alleging short-delay broadcasts of their matches were a breach of copyright.

The court ruled in favour of Optus, bronchi but the codes and Telstra, bronchi owner of the mobile rights, won an appeal against the ruling last month.

Paul O’Sullivan, Optus chief executive, said: “Australian consumers want legitimate access to content on any device regardless of the genre and we want to continue making the latest technologies available to Australians to meet this demand,”

“This is a very important public policy issue that needs to be determined by the highest court in the land, to give clarity to both consumers and the industry.”
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