Opta Sports Becomes Official Match Data Partner of Bundesliga

By Community | January 7, 2013

Opta Sports Data AG and Trac Hego AB have agreed a deal to become the official match data partner of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2.

The agreement with the two joined in a consortium company that already some Bundesliga clubs as well as many other international organizations are active, purchase leagues and clubs, symptoms is valid until the end of season 2016/17. 

Regarding the live data acquisition, the indepth stats Opta will providea re extensive.

These include additional data and video-based offerings for the associations that can be accessed without charge. Opta will especially raise the performance event data such as assists, goals or objections.

With the agreement, the consortium will also receive a non-exclusive right to use the official game of the Bundesliga and 2 data to the media, bookmakers or clubs and associations to market. 

First awarded in 2011, the DFL had the mandate to collect the official match data in a bidding process. The aim is to support the license clubs in efforts to increase athletic performance through advanced analysis methods.